Ground fighting / Grappling

Ground fighting focuses on techniques required to control an opponent when you are off your feet, with the aim of regaining the ascendency.


In this situation it’s important to remember the principles and the skills that apply to stand up fighting (i.e. striking, punching, elbows, chokes, strangulations, pressure point strikes, balance displacement and defensive techniques) can be just as effective on the ground, although there are some subtle differences that you need to be aware of. These differences include limitations of hip and leg movements, inability to rely on footwork, and an advantage to the person on top in their ability to use their bodyweight more effectively.

A usual scenario on the ground is that the smaller person will end up on their back with their opponent in a dominant, controlling position. Being on top has obvious advantages but there is lot that can be done from a non-dominant position.

As a general principle, if you do end up on the ground in a real life situation, you will take whatever action you can to quickly regain your feet and avoid being in a vulnerable position. The environment you’re in will largely dictate how you respond eg. in a pub vs isolated in a park.

Training at Sydney Koshinkan is designed to develop strategies and techniques to deal with fighting on the ground. Constant repetition not only strengthens your skills but also builds confidence in your ability to defend yourself if you end up in a vulnerable position.

And let’s face it…rolling on the mats with friends is always fun!!

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