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The dilemma of self-confidence

One of the dilemma’s all of us face is getting the balance right between being confident without developing a massive ego. For many of us, a lack of self-confidence is driven by a desire not to be judged as being egotistical. In many ways this is driven by cultural dynamics where it is frowned upon... Continue Reading →

Orange is the new black (belt)

 How leaders can be more like Sensei’s rather than just good managers Introduction In a world that is changing at a rapid rate and the gulf between consumer trust and organisations is at an all-time low, a new leadership approach is required.   In these challenging times – strong morals and strength of character is of utmost... Continue Reading →


A couple of simple words can serve multiple purposes. Words of wisdom can be thought provoking, provide an opportunity for self-reflection, a source of motivation/inspiration or a change in mindset. Michael Yardney refers to quotes as being “vitamins for your mind”. However you look at it, the importance of growth and self-reflection can't be understated. The author has gathered these quotes... Continue Reading →

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