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A website committed to those with a passing interest in self-defence and martial arts through to those experienced martial artist wishing to broaden their knowledge.

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Sydney Koshinkan is a Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu school based in Sydney. Koryu Uchinadi is a martial art based on modern day interpretation of the traditions of Okinawan self-defence as systemised by world renowned martial artist and historian Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (9th dan). The syllabus is comprehensive, covering all forms of physical confrontation including striking, blocks, stances, ground fighting/grappling, throws and takedowns, pressure point strikes, limb entanglements, chokes and strangulations.

Classes are based on self-defence principles, focused on protecting oneself in a real-life confrontational situation.

I want to overcome the fear of danger, obtaining skills to defend myself, to feel safe, secure and confident when walk to my car late at night.
Self-defence training enables you to protect yourself if ever confronted with physical violence.
How do we get the kids away from the playstation and off Insta??
How can I give my children the ability & confidence to deal with tricky situations?
All of us as humans have a fear of being struck, it’s how you handle this fear that will determine the outcome.
Fitness and Well-being
How do we find time in our busy lives to maintain fitness with its obvious benefits?
Throws and Takedowns
The ability to disturb an opponent’s balance whilst maintaining your own is essential in a combative environment

The reality of a fight situation is that you will often end up on the ground therefore it is important that you have the skills to deal with such a scenario.
Pressure point striking
Understanding the human anatomy & identifying vulnerable points on the body is critical in effective self-defence
Chokes and Strangulations
Understanding the functionality of chokes and strangulations from in front, behind or the ground.

“The fighting arts are about the pathway between self-protection and self-perfection”

Hanshi McCarthy

Sydney Koshinkan welcomes students aged from 6-99 of all skill levels.


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