Kids / Juniors

In a challenging and somewhat scary world, it is important that our kids have the ability to handle uninvited confrontational situations. It goes without saying that avoiding a dangerous encounter is always the best approach however this isn’t always possible. If faced with an unavoidable confrontation, it’s critical that children have tools to allow them to defend themselves.

Having some basic self-defence skills under their belts (and maybe even one day a black one at that), gives kids the confidence to protect themselves if ever confronted. In class, they will be learning in a safe, friendly environment, at a pace that suits their needs, training with new mates who have the common goal of improving.

Just as important, martial arts teaches valuable life skills that are essential for children’s development & success in life. These include:

• Discipline
• Self-Improvement
• Respect
• Hard-work
• Positivity
• Confidence

While having fun doing it!!


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