Typically predators look for weaker victims, those that they perceive they can dominate. Common assaults and domestic violence is typically targeted against women, the elderly.

For women to feel safer and more secure, an understanding and ability to apply self-defence principles is essential. From a physical standpoint, women are somewhat disadvantaged against a stronger, heavier male attacker. What is less obvious is the advantages a woman may have in this scenario – predictability of a man’s actions, the ability to use a man’s weight and strength against him, and knowledge of common vulnerable points (eyes, groin, throat).

See self-defence for a more detailed explanation

Training for women places a heavy focus on evasive techniques and counterattacks. Working through real-life scenarios can give a woman greater confidence in dealing with an unwelcomed confrontation and undermining a predator’s predetermined plan. This can be done through a combination of physical and verbal means. It’s important to outwardly display confidence, maintaining eye contact and strong posture with an environmental awareness. Recognising potential dangers, and taking pre-emptive, evasive action before an event occurs is critical to control a situation.

And training in martial arts is a great way to maintain health and well-being!!


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