The dilemma of self-confidence

One of the dilemma’s all of us face is getting the balance right between being confident without developing a massive ego. For many of us, a lack of self-confidence is driven by a desire not to be judged as being egotistical.

In many ways this is driven by cultural dynamics where it is frowned upon to be proud and promote ourselves. In Australian culture this is known as the ‘tall poppy syndrome’, a Japanese proverb revolves around ‘hammering the nail that sticks out’.

It all comes down to balance- to be aware of those areas that you need to work on, while acknowledging and appreciating our individual strengths. There is real power in self-awareness.

It’s near impossible to come across as egotistical if you are conscious of, and highlight areas that you to need to improve on.

What if, however restricting self-confidence is preventing our own success?

By solely focusing on weaknesses actually becomes a self- fulfilling prophecy. As humans we are all flawed, we all make mistakes, we all have imperfections. Why is a goal to reach a perfect state, where no such utopia exists?

It’s not about blowing your own trumpet, more about developing an inner confidence. This inner confidence will be on display in everything you do, how you hold yourself. Your attitude and performance will do the ‘spruiking’ for you.

Be proud of being good!!

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